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Why do you choose a wooden frame

Why choose the wooden frames? (not PVC or aluminum?) ...
The advantages of real wood, in terms of efficiency, performance and aesthetics are unique and inimitable. Because the wood promotes environmental sustainability and preserve the future.
Did you know that in the Italian scientific base in Antarctica sort and hosting scientists from the National Research Council, the cell operational and frames are made by Italian craftsmen and are made ??entirely of wood?
Given the impressive thermal excursions we tried the most suitable material to build an environment (supported by all the new technology) that offers the best conditions of life and comfort to scientists operating them. The decision to use the WOOD was the most natural, the most economical and the most technical.
And then, let's be clear ... it gives more emotion !! And also because ..... if you really like it, why not take real and settle for an imitation PVC plastic colored? Otherwise it would be like the freak ..... you want the flowers to enjoy the view and smell it and then take them plastic !!
The argument “ecosostenibility” arouses more interest in public opinion, as well as the insiders and institutions.
At the end “ecosostenibility” is associated with the following definition: any material, product, activity or process as it unfolds continuously maintains unchanged the rules at the basis of reality ecosystem in which they found to be “ the present generation to meet their own needs without compromising the possibility of future generations to do the same ... ” (Brundtland Report, 1987).
And each individual choices contribute, concretely than might be thought, the pursuit of this sustainable goal.
In this context it seems natural to guide the choice of materials, when possible, on those eco-friendly; and, there is no doubt that the wood is definitely eco-friendly (because is the only one that is renewed continuously in nature) while the PVC and aluminum are not at all (the PVC is a petroleum derivative and Aluminum is a mineral, and both are consumed and not renewed).
ADVANTAGES of a wooden frame. What is their strength and durability?
Wood is a material very resistant , even if light .
With a wide range of wood species, each with different characteristics, it adapts to a wide variety of housing needs. The durability is very high; just think of the old buildings even tens of years, many of them with frames wood of over 60/70 years still functioning, albeit with lower performance than the current ones (because so conceived of origin). Even the painting, very evolved in recent decades (with the use of water-based paints), has finally lost the “feature point” of the wooden window frame, for which it is now sufficient to adjust a minimum ordinary maintenance.
What are the advantages in an environmentally friendly and energy saving? A wooden window represents energy and nature, and from the point of view of heat insulation is one that has (compared to materials PVC and Aluminium) the lower value of thermal conductivity (that is the insulating material). Wood is a renewable and recyclable raw material. The wooden window can be recycled at the end of its useful life, can be transformed into material for constructions and / or packaging that is a source of clean energy for combustion.
Because the wood, of course, is a natural non-polluting (as opposed to PVC, plastic, that inside it has also profiled reinforcing metal, and that is a special waste undifferentiated be decomposed to dispose of at the end of its useful life).
What are the advantages in terms of aesthetics and design? A wooden frame is an element of prestige and natural beauty, which enhances the perceived quality of the environment in which it is placed. is a material that meets the tastes and demands as diverse patterns, shapes, colors, fine details, giving the window a modern, innovative, and at the same time traditional and reassuring. In every houses the wooden frame is the “ first piece furniture” (in chronological order) with which you decorate the house itself, and communicates to our senses a deep sense of well-being, tranquility and comfort. Whether modern or traditional, painted or natural, it is undeniable that the wood adds value and personality to any room & agrave, adapting to any design requirements and any context.
The DISADVANTAGES (apparent) of a wooden frame. It should be a lot of maintenance?
NO, not anymore! With the latest water-based paints has overcome the dreaded burden of periodic maintenance for painting. For wooden doors and windows painted with the current water cycles is now a sufficient minimum regular maintenance for the maintaining the splendor of the painting.
What is the difference of a real wood frame from a PVC whit “wood effect” one? As between natural flowers and plastic flowers: this is the difference between a frame of wood and imitations of PVC; may look the same to the inattentive, but not at all. Because play the wood is an imitation!